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Clay Altman Designs (CAD) uses the strategic fusion of creativity and technology to engage and captivate today’s digitally savvy consumers. We put emphasis on building authentic connections and fostering brand loyalty through immersive experiences.


CAD creates marketing strategies that seamlessly blend data-driven insights with creative prowess— orchestrating campaigns that resonate with your target audiences and drive ROI.

social Media Content

Crafting impactful social media content involves a balance of creativity and strategic precision, designed to captivate audiences, increase engagement, and elevate brand presence. Let’s get social.

Brand Audit

Brand audits involve an examination of your key brand elements—your logo and how customers see you, messaging consistency, and market positioning. What do you look and sound like?

Email Marketing

By leveraging targeted content and strategic outreach to foster meaningful connections, CAD optimizes engagement and drives measurable success for your business or organization.

Content Creation

Developing content demands a fusion of innovative storytelling, visual aesthetics, and strategic planning, ensuring a compelling narrative that resonates across digital channels while aligning with your brand objectives.

Marketing Automation

Software and technology can automate marketing tasks (email, direct mail, online advertising, etc), streamline processes, and facilitate targeted communications, allowing your business to optimize efficiency, nurture leads, and enhance customer engagement.


CAD defines and redefines a unique and memorable identity for your business or organization. That can include your logo, letterhead, signage, business cards, sales tools, etc—all integrated so your customers see you the same everywhere. Let’s build your brand recognition and retention.

Collateral+Sales tools

Everything from brochures, business cards, e-books, case studies, white papers, PowerPoint templates, sell sheets, pocket folders, infographics, catalogs, sales presentations—anything you need!


Out-of-home advertising (OOH) is found outside of a consumer’s home. Traditionally this includes everything from billboards to bus shelters, benches, bus wraps, and more. Impactful signage for your business can be inside and out.

radio+streaming audio

Need radio commercials or streaming audio for your business? We craft them with catchy tunes, a friendly voice, and a message that resonates, ensuring your brand sizzles in the ears of your audience and leaves a lasting, memorable impression.


Need to spice up your trade show or event visuals? Splash vibrant colors, sleek design, and a touch of wow factor to make your booth pop and leave attendees buzzing with about your brand. From booth design, video, sales collateral, and premium items, we do it all.

packaging Design

When it comes to designing packaging for your business, we wrap your product with a blend of aesthetic charm and practicality, ensuring that the first impression is not just eye-catching but also an  invitation to explore what’s inside.

Video Editing+animation

CAD brings your story to life with expertly crafted visuals, seamless edits, and a little magic, ensuring your brand shines and compels across screens.


Looking to elevate your brand’s voice? Our freelance copywriters are here to craft compelling copy and polish your content, ensuring your message resonates with authenticity and leaves a lasting impression. Let’s tell your story with confidence!

website design

We’ll develop your website with current technology and trends while integrating responsive design, user-friendly navigation, and engaging multimedia elements to ensure a seamless and visually appealing digital experience for your visitors.

Direct Response

EXPERT-LEVEL: Having worked for a direct response agency for 13 years—I understand what works and what doesn’t. Targeted campaigns cut down on waste by honing in on your ideal audience. Components like: Direct Mail (postcards, self-mailers, high-impact three-dimensional mailers, etc), Direct Response TV (DRTV), email, telemarketing and so much more. Let’s boost your ROI!

digital+Print ads

When designing print and digital ads for your business, think snappy visuals, succinct copy, and tailored content that speaks directly to your audience that prompts them to act—that might be clicking, calling, liking or spending.


Longing for TV commercials, video, and OTT content for your business? We blend eye-catching visuals, and a compelling narrative, to ensure your brand shines on screens big and small,  and leaves a memorable imprint.

creative concepts+ideation

Have creative block? We brainstorm, blend imagination, strategy, and  innovation to craft ideas that not only resonate but also elevate your brand’s story in a way that captivates and connects with your audience.


We work with some of the best award-winning photographers and videographers around. Whether you need products, people, locations, action, studio, OTT, social media—we have you covered.

Vast Vendor Network+Media

Our extensive vendor network ensures all production needs (printing, packaging, premiums, etc) are exceeded, while our savvy media planning and placement services ensure your message reaches the right audience at the right time – let’s make your business stand out!

creative & design

The dynamic duo that transforms abstract ideas into tangible, visually compelling expressions. At the heart of this synergy lies the power to captivate, evoke emotion, and communicate complex concepts with uniqueness, pushing the boundaries of conventional expectations.

Need Me In-House?

I've Served as a fractional creative director and art director for years....

I am as flexible as your business needs. Whether it’s at your office or mine, I adapt seamlessly to deliver top-notch results. Experience the best in flexibility and creativity – let’s collaborate!

industries served


From Assisted Living and tourism to health insurance and manufacturing, we’ve done it all. And, we’ve done it well.

Don’t see your industry on the list? That’s okay—we’re a quick study and ready dive in!


AG/Bovine Health


New Product Campaigns; Customer Sales


Universities; Colleges; Tech Schools


National Sports; Casinos


National Retail; Restaurants; Bars


Auto; Health; Dental

Law Firms/Legal

Personal Injury; Small Claims; Arbitration+Mediation


Consumer; Business-Focused; Talent Recruitment; Senior Technologies


Zoos; Botanical Gardens; Lake Express Ferry


Health Clubs; Senior Online/Video Programs

Assisted Living

Senior Housing; Memory Care

Banking+Credit Unions

Loan Products; Home Mortgage; New Branch Openings


Talent; Staffing Firms

Electric Vehicle Technology

Broadband Infrastructure; Charging Solutions


Hospital Systems; Clinics; Specialty Physicians; Dental

Investment Firms

Personal Finance

Real Estate

New Developments; Mood Boards/Color Studies; Interior Design Consultation; Sales


Personal Injury; Small Claims; Arbitration+Mediation


Branding; New Product Promotion; Packaging; Animation; Video

Lower overhead with freelancers

Want to amp up creativity without breaking the bank? Embrace the freelance advantage – it’s not just cost-effective, but it also ensures top-notch talent tailored to your needs.  Let’s make your budget work smarter!

in-house or out-of-house

We are as flexible as your business needs. Whether it’s at your office or ours, we adapt seamlessly to deliver top-notch results. Experience the best in flexibility and creativity – let’s collaborate!

Most Seasoned Creatives

Our freelancers bring the most knowledgeable minds in the industry. We will transform your vision into reality with expertise that speaks volumes. Let’s craft success together!

Giant vendor network for all production needs

Whether you need a printer, photographer, voice talent, animator, signage, tradeshow booth or hardware, we’ve cultivated great relationships with countless vendors to secure the best pricing and deliverables possible.

Tailored to what you need

Why settle for a one-size-fits-all approach? Our creative teams are custom-built  – no wasted services or time. Pay for what you need, when you need it. CAD is the best fit for your business, ensuring efficiency and excellence every step of the way!