about The Ringleader

Clay Altman. ’70s Kid. Foodie. World-Traveler. Artist. Humorist. Occasional Smartass.

Published and award-winning designer and marketer who is passionate about getting sh*t done right. Getting sh*t done strategically. Getting sh*t done uniquely. This game isn’t about your brand simply keeping up with Joneses, but burning their house to the ground and having a rave on top of the ashes. It’s about being your best brand and shouting louder. Speaking a better language—your language—to a customer that’s always evolving. Let’s have that rave!


I’ve been in the advertising+design industry for 30 years—working for advertising agencies and corporate marketing departments. I intimately know both these B-to-B and B-to-C worlds. My creative work gets noticed. It’s data-driven and strategically grounded. Not only does it look pretty, it produces positive, measurable results for my clients.

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what makes us different

the codes we live by

creativity & Innovation.

Nothing vanilla here. CAD strives to create the most unique campaigns to help you stand out from the flurry of competition—using the most current mix of media and technology to get your message to YOUR audience(s). 

integrity & trust.

We’re old-school with a solid work ethic—and have a fresh demeanor. Your projects are checked and double-checked for accuracy. Outside of what seems to be the norm—we won’t push any work out with errors. Trust is earned.

On Time. On Budget.

We pride ourselves on always hitting your target date(s) and budget. Good communication drives our project variables + scope. When changes happen—we explore the best options to complete your project efficiently.

Fun is more fun.

No egos. No bullsh*t. We prefer to keep the process lighthearted and fun—all in a professional kind of way. You should look forward to marketing calls and meetings instead of dreading them. We’re fun people. Always.

going the extra mile.

Whether it’s finding ways to save you money or stretch your budget, CAD will always go above and beyond. Tight deadline? No problem—we’re used to burning the midnight oil and working weekends to get it done on time.

Get Our A-Team. Everytime.

We work with the most seasoned + skilled people around. And, because all of our creatives are freelancers, you get a lot more and pay a lot less. We don’t hire interns to get the job done—you get the A-Team. Every time.

the many, many clays

(and yes, there's more to Clay Altman Designs than just me)

Clay Altman Portrait

Clay Altman

The Principal + Creative Director
Creative Director, Art Director, Graphic Designer, Strategist, Producer, Visionary—always fun to work with.

Clay Altman + Sam Altman


The Proud Father of Sam
Now twenty and studying fashion design at Columbia in Chicago, IL. I love him most in this world. Shine on son of mine.


The Wanderluster
I love to travel whenever I can. Never fear, my work always comes with me. This is Patara Beach — coast of the Turkish Riviera.


The Lover of Shenanigans
It's okay to be absurd, ridiculous, and downright irrational at times; silliness is sweet syrup that helps us swallow the bland parts of life.


The Creative Dream Team
Aligned with dozens of seasoned freelancers we build the creative team based on your needs. If you just need design—you get it. Need more—you got it!


The (only partially Swedish) Chef
When I'm not creating delicious creative for clients, you can find me in the kitchen creating deliciousness on the stove. Buon appetito!


The Worker on Water + Waves
Anytime I can get out on the water, I do. Sometimes that's with my laptop and client files in my 1959 Dunphy.


The Disliker of Assh*le Schnauzers
Ever since my grandmother's schnauzer seemingly ate my sister's right arm, I've been leery of the wirey little savage beasts.


The Breather of Racing Fuel
Cars. Cars. Cars. I inherited the the love of them from my father and grandfather. Join me at Road America for a race of any sort!