I honestly believe that advertising is the most fun you can have with your clothes on Jerry Della Famina

Clay Altman holding his prize winning fish.


I'm a designed-trained Creative Director+Art Director+Producer with over 17+ years of industry experience on both the agency and client sides. My work combines attention-grabbing advertising executions that are strategically grounded with fresh concepts that produce positive, measurable results.

My resume will tell you that for the past 14 years I've been a Creative Director working with regional, national, and international accounts.

My focus has been on response-driven creative approaches, with campaigns featuring print, mobile, social, point-of-sale, outdoor, event-marketing, radio, one-to-one, Internet/e-strategies, and television.

I make the most of my clients' budgets, whether they have a few thousand or a few million dollars to spend.

I approach every project as though it's the most important thing on my desk, which at that moment, it is.

My take on success in this business is simple: If at the end of the day, the client comes out looking like a rock-star and the campaign produces above average results - I've done my job. Giddy-up.


I enjoy laughing as much as possible. Sometimes at myself. Sometimes at others. I like to cook. I think some people are blessed with the ability to pair unique flavors together. I'm not certain I'm blessed that way, but cooking does allow me to drink more wine than I would otherwise.

On to my work


Advertising says to people, Here's what we've got. Here's what it will do for you. Here's how to get it. Leo Burnett

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